Truck Accidents and the Need for an Accident Lawyer

The size and weight of trucks make them a danger on our roads. Aside from this, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), truck driver fatigue constitutes to 30 to 40 percent of all heavy truck accidents. Driver fatigue can be caused by driving for long hours without rest, lack of sleep and pressure to beat delivery deadlines. Truck accidents can leave you impaired for life. If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, TJ will make em pay. There are several compelling reasons why you should consider the services of an accident attorney.

Differing State Laws

Auto accidents and auto insurance laws differ depending on the jurisdiction. If you reside in a “no fault” state, you are not allowed to sue unless under special circumstances. In other jurisdictions, you are allowed to sue even if you were partly at fault. These states are known as comparative negligence states. In others, you cannot sue if you were partially responsible, these jurisdictions are referred to as contributory negligence states. You need an attorney who understands the laws in your jurisdictions to advise you appropriately. The lawyer will first review the merits of your case and then chart a way forward.

Settlement Offers

In most cases, personal injury and auto accident cases are settled out of court. The party at fault makes an offer to the injured party. Most injured victims simply settle for the first offer made by the insurance company. In most cases they are desperate, and they have medical bills that need to be paid. However, not every settlement offer is good for you. Again, injuries have long-term consequences that have cost implications. It is important to note that once you accept a settlement offer, you give up the right to sue. It is wise to consult with an attorney so as to determine whether settling is the best decision.

Lawsuit Procedures

Lawsuits are subject to strict rules. When filing a lawsuit, you must adhere to these regulations. A violation can nullify your case. For starters, you need to present the right papers. This goes beyond making a court appearance and stating your intent to use. The courts also have complex rules on the evidence that is admissible. Personal injury lawsuits are also bound by the statute of limitations. You need the guidance of an accident lawyer so that you operate within the legal framework.

Proving Negligence

Proving that you incurred injuries as a result of negligence by another person is not easy. You need to bring witnesses and expert testimonies to prove your case. Case preparation and evidence collection are crucial to winning a settlement. You need to remember that the party at fault will also provide evidence and defenses to prove their point. The complexities and intricacies involved in personal injury cases emphasize the need to seek legal expertise. You need fair compensation for your injuries and losses. The damages awarded also need to cater for future medical expenses. An accident attorney has the legal knowledge and experience to help secure you compensation commensurate with your injuries.